Load & Performance Testing from the Cloud

Test now, test quickly, test in the cloud!
How? Using Appvance UTP Performance Cloud
Appvance UTP Performance Cloud is an intuitive platform, for Devs and QA a like, that simplifies and streamlines your load and performance test creation and execution.

    Create a new test, or import existing tests, to Appvance UTP Cloud
    Tell Appvance UTP Performance Cloud what to run and at what volume
    Monitor tests live; often deployed in Amazon’s EC2 cloud
    Capture and review results

Simple testing, no new infrastructure required.

Why Performance and Load Testing?
Load testing ensures your application is responding appropriately, on time, and without issue, even under extreme simultaneous usage. If your application also has a UX, or user interface, how do you know if your interface will also stand up to the increased load? This is precisely where Performance Testing + Load Testing can give you the full picture, and verify your system is ready, no matter the circumstance.